(Image courtesy of iRacing News)

iRacing released the new Nationwide car yesterday to pretty much rave reviews.  Almost everyone I know who races and who’s tried the car has had nothing but good things to say about how it handles.

Additionally, the car comes with the first release of the new tire model.

This in and of itself is part of why the new Nationwide car has had such good response.  Tires now respond as they should realistically (well, more realistically than they had before – which was still fairly good).  Accurate tire wear, flat spots when a driver locks up the brakes, the whole shebang.

I haven’t had the change to give it a shot yet – partly due to the fact that I haven’t purchased the car yet, but also due to the fact that my License is only at C level at the moment so I can’t really race it yet.  I’m at the Truck level now, and will be racing Trucks next season, preparatory to racing the Nationwide cars the season after that.

At any rate, the new updates for iRacing are looking great – and the new tire model is getting the attention it deserves and seems to be living up to the reputation that the developers have presented it with throughout the last several months.