DeHaviland DHC-2 BeaverThe Singularity Collective blog is a page that is wholly based on flight simulation and gaming – mostly video games. It was created so the author simply has a place to write, post, vent, or otherwise talk about two of his biggest hobbies; flight simulation and gaming in general. There’s really little more to it than that.

Occasionally there will be topics posted of real world issues or situations. These will almost always contain observations and opinions, which will no doubt be contrary to some people’s own observations and opinions. However, this doesn’t provide a license for readers to simply respond with drivel and immaturity – such comments will be deleted if posted. If you don’t like what you read here, then the solution is rather simple: don’t come here!

For those of you who do come here regularly, I hope the blog is, at the least, mildly entertaining. One of the reasons I blog is simply to keep my writing skills sharp, as I’ve been on a quest to write stories and possibly a book someday.

Thanks for dropping by!