I’ve been playing World of Warcraft now since about Christmas, after someone I know gave me a 3 month game card as a gift.  A lot of things have changed with the new Cataclysm update… I mean, a lot… and in some ways it’s made it even more fun than it was before.  I do have to admit there are some things I wish hadn’t changed, but then that’s the nature of MMO games unfortunately sometimes.

One of the new things that I found really cool was the new secondary skill that’s available at level 20, Archeology.  I have been messing around with that, and it’s really quite fun.  Of course, the ability to actually fly on Azeroth now makes it that way – if one had to simply use mounts or travel overland to each site it would be extremely time consuming.

At any rate, as those who play WoW know, there are many World Events in the game… and the one that began yesterday was the Lunar Festival.

Now, I’ve participated in many of these over the years, but since the Achievements were added to the game, I haven’t really done much with them.  Each festival now has a bunch of achievements you can earn to get a full blown achievement for the festival itself.  So, when I saw that yesterday, I just got the bug to actually finish all the achievements for the Lunar Festival for once.

To that end, I spent several hours in game with friends of mine running around the world and hunting down all the Elders I need to talk to.  I completed every one of the achievements with the sole exception of the Dungeon Elders, and plan on doing that over the next couple of days – I just hope I’m high enough level to get into some of the higher level dungeons to be able to complete the achievement.  If not, well… I’ll just have to grind as much as I can for the next few days.