This is a short story I wrote based on one of the characters I play in Star Trek Online.

“wIy yIcha’ (trans. #1),” Lieutenant Commander Kih’Vok sutai Pallara growled.

“luq (trans. #2),” replied Ensign Jh’Naq. A moment later, the forward viewscreen changed to a tactical view, displaying a top down view of their current position to within twenty AUs.

The U.S.S. Robert L. Howard was currently in deep space, just barely galactic core-ward of two light years from the planet Ker’rat, enroute back to Sol and Earthdock for updated orders from a rendevous at K7 Station. A suspicious, fleeting, contact had been made during a routine sensor sweep by Lieutenant Sudok, the ship’s Science Officer and XO, so Kih”vok had dropped the vessel out of warp in preparation of a possible confrontation. They were still very near hostile space… klingon attack groups had been known to reach this deep into Federation territory on several occasions.

Lieutenant Sudok cleared his throat. “Captain,” he stated, “you are doing it again sir.”

Kih’Vok turned and glared at Sudok for a moment. “And now you know why I requested Klingon tactical officers,” he said slowly, his english heavily accented.

Sudok nodded once, the movement quick and birdlike. “Conceeded.”

“Situation,” Kih’Vok said, still glaring at Sudok.

The Science Officer turned and tapped a few keys for a brief moment. “Situation unchanged,” he replied. “Scans indicate ionization in the local vicinity consistent with impulse engine emissions; however, the dispersal of the emissions suggests approximately seven point three hours have passed since they were discharged.”

Kih’Vok continued looking at his Executive Officer for a moment before turning back to the viewscreen and leaning back in his chair. He pondered the screen for a few moments, rubbing his chin, before glancing at his helmsman. “One quarter impulse power. Go to yellow alert.”

“luq,” Jh’Naq replied, his hands moving over his console quickly. Moments later klaxons sounded, and the alert lighting switched on to yellow, bathing the bridge in a yellowish hue.

Suddenly the familiar whistle tone of an inbound voice communication alert sounded. Ensign Jax turned quickly to look at his console, then spun to face Kih’Vok, who had quickly gotten up out of his seat and was now facing him.

“Sir,” he almost shouted, “we have an incoming message! Video; signal is consistent with a Klingon origin!”

Kih’Vok turned to face the screen, slowly walking towards the Tactical station. “On screen,” he blurted over his shoulder at Jax. “DaH!” (trans. #3)

The forward viewscreen blurred for a moment, followed by a brief second of static. Suddenly it changed – before them all was the low lit face of a Klingon, the red light playing across his features, making him look even more predatory than his normal fierce countenance. Dressed in a standard black and red battle uniform, with a trimmed beard and moustache, he glared through the screen with a sneering smirk.

“Well, well, well…” he said slowly in thickly accented english, and chuckled. “If it isn’t my little cousin Kih’Vok.”

Kih’Vok did not look surprised. The two glared heavily at each other across the screen for a few moments. “Krimex,” Kih’Vok said with heavy disdain. “Out collecting the scraps the Empire has tossed at your feet are you? Or have you become J’mpok’s errand boy, you verengan Ha’DIbaH? (trans. #4)” he finished with a sneer.

Krimex zantai Pallara leaned back in his chair as he laughed, the dim light of his bridge bringing his face into even deeper shadow. Looking down his nose at Kih’Vok, he bared his teeth for a moment. “Always sharp with the tongue, weren’t we?” He continued to chuckle. “My little tIch (trans. #5),” he continued, “don’t you recall all the beatings I gave you for it?”

Kih’Vok ground his teeth for a moment. “Oh, I remember them well, toDSaH (trans. #6),” he replied. He pointed at the screen… at the long dark, puckered scar that ran down Krimex’s left cheek. “Just as, I’m sure, you remember my Daqtagh (trans. #7) that last time you tried,” he growled menacingly.

“Yes,” Krimex said slowly, drawing the word out as he ran his gloved fingers across the scar. “I remember your Daqtagh. I still haven’t had the opportunity to pay you back, in kind, for it.”

“That’s because you avoided me afterwards, little nuch (trans. #8),” Kih’Vok said grimly, a tight tooth baring smile on his face.

Krimex dropped his hand and shifted in his seat, nostrils flaring as he replied. “No. No, no, no…” he said slowly, waving a finger back and forth. “pujwI’ HIvlu’chugh quvbe’lu’, remember? ‘There is no honor in attacking the weak.’”

Kih’Vok laughed harshly. “My ‘weakness’ is displayed for all to see across your face, Krimex,” he said. “As Kahless gives me strength, someday I’ll sheath my Daqtagh in your heart… and feel it as it pumps it’s last as you die.” Clenching his jaw he growled as he finished.

Krimex then leaned back in his chair and laughed, the sound like gravel being tossed about inside a washbucket, his eyes never leaving Kih’Vok’s. After a few moments he leaned forward, a grim, sneering smile on his face. “So. Are you enjoying your Federation Ha’DIbaH?” He glared more menacingly. “How does it feel to know you are a maghwI (trans. #9)? To know that you have put a permanent stain on our House?” He slowly sat back in his chair. “The nentay cha’DIch (trans. #10) was false. You are no Warrior,” he sneered. “You are no Klingon.”

Despite himself, Kih’Vok felt himself take a step forward, his fists clenching with fury. “I have always been Klingon, more than can be said for you,” he growled, teeth clenched. “Did your brothers see your face before you killed them? Or did you hide in the dark, skulking like a boqrat?”

“That’s it, my little tIch,” he said, still chuckling. “Your Warrior’s instinct is still strong. But you’ve forsaken the right to call yourself a Warrior by your rejection of the Empire.” Suddenly his expression changed… feirce, glaring, his brows bristling. “IwlIj ghogh yIQoy!” he shouted He raised his fist in the air, clenching it so hard it shook, jerking it with emphasis as he spoke.. “tlhIngan maH! SuvmeH’ej charghmeH bogh tlhInganpu’! tlhIngan wo’ bIghHa’ QI’tomer rom, ghobma’ batlhvaD je!” He pointed at the screen, singling out Kih’Vok’s bridge crew as he continued. “yuQjIjDIvI jaghlIj; ‘urlIj quvHa’ SoH ‘ej qorDu’lIj!” (trans. #11)

Kih’Vok breathed deeply as Krimex’s tirade commenced, waiting until he finished. When he spoke, he lowered his head until he gazed at Krimex from under his eyebrows, his voice low, his words careful and meticulous – quoting verbatim from Kahless. “noH QapmeH wo’ Qaw’lu’chugh yay chavbe’lu.’” (trans. #12)

Krimex almost jumped out of his chair; he shifted forward, thrusting his face at the screen, his eyes bulging with anger. “QamvIS Hegh qaq law’ torvIS yIn qaq puS!” he shouted harshly, teeth clenched in hate. (trans. #13)

Kih’Vok glared at Krimex for a moment before he continued. “J’mpok discarded the Khitomer Accords to suit his personal thirst for violence, destruction, and butchery” he stated coldly in english. “To attack an ally whom the Empire has had an alliance with for more than one hundred years is dishonorable – a stab in the back. J’mpok has dishonored you all… and he has smeared all Klingons with the stench of cowardice.”

Krimex fairly shook with barely contained rage. He lowered his head until he glowered at Kih’Vok below his bushy eyebrows. “Little tIch,” he said quietly, “I shall show you the price for your own treason and cowardice.” He was silent for a moment before he continued. “This transmission ends, now!” The screen abruptly went blank.

Jh’Naq suddenly stiffened. “Captain, Bird of Prey decloaking at twelve hundred kelikam… I mean, kilometers!” he shouted.

Kih’Vok laughed grimly at Jh’Naq’s statement as he headed for the captain’s chair. “Red Alert! Shields to full! Full impulse power now!” As he sat down in his chair, he glanced at Jh’Naq. “Lock forward viewer on Krimex.” He began to chuckle, a slow, evil smile playing across his face. “bortaS bIr jablu’DI’ reH QaQqu’ nay’, cousin” he said gratingly. (trans. #14)

The forward viewer displayed static for a brief second before switching. In the foreground, framed by a background of distant gas clouds and asteroids, a B’Rel Bird of Prey began to bank hard in the Robert L. Howard’s direction… it’s plasma turret discharging shots that began to splash off the Howard’s shields.

“She’s coming about, Captain,” Lieutenant KuH’pas called out.

Kih’Vok turned to KuH’pas. “Fire all weapons, maximum power, at Krimex. Hold your torpedo salvo until my mark.”

“luq,” he replied. His fingers dancing over the console, the sound of phaser fire could suddenly be heard dimly through the hull as the Howard’s phasers went online, coupled with the deep thrum of the phaser cannons. In the viewer, long streaks of red along with blasts of phaser plasma flashed across space and began splashing against the Bird of Prey, causing the vessel’s forward shields to glow brightly.

However, Krimex now faced the Howard directly; immediately distruptor fire flashed from the ship’s cannons, while at the same time a photon torpedo was launched. The discharged energy cracked across the intervening distance and slammed into the Howard’s forward shields, rocking the ship.

“Sir!” KuH’pas shouted over the din. “Forward shields down to sixty percent!”

“Keep firing on him,” Kih’Vok growled loudly. “DaH!”

The two ships headed almost straight for one another, hurtling at each other, both at maximum impulse power. Raw, unbridled energy flashed between them, splashing across each vessel and rocking them both. Suddenly there was a bright flash across the foward hull of the Bird of Prey, an ugly black smear left in it’s wake.

“Bird of Prey’s forward shield collapsing!” KuH’pas shouted.

Kih’Vok slammed his fist down on the arm of his chair, leaning forward hard, his teeth clenched. “bakH (trans. #15)!” he shouted curtly.

“luq!” KuH’pas replied, and the Howard shuddered with the launch of two photon torpedoes. The bridge crew watched as the brightly glowing balls of contained photon energy flashed across the shortening distace… the Bird of Prey made a desperate bank hard to starboard, but it wasn’t enough. The torpedoes slammed into the forward hull, causing massive damage that tore sections of the hull away. For a brief moment there was a jet of gas that plumed from the damaged area.

“Direct hit!” KuH’pas shouted. “Hull breached, damage level near critical!”

Kih’Vok watched the viewscreen as the Bird of Prey banked hard, it’s turret still blasting at his ship. “Status?” he called.

“Forward shields down to thirty two percent, light hull damage from bleed through. No major damage.” KuH’pas’ voice was calm and cool.

“Excellent,” Kih’Vok stated. “Keep firing, all weapons; hold torpedoes on my mark.” He turned to Jh’Naq. “Bank to follow him, and don’t let him get to our rear quarter.”

“HIja’” Jh’Naq replied.

The Howard banked to pursue the damaged Bird of Prey, continuously barraging it with cannon and phaser fire. The vessel repeatedly banked port and starboard in a desperate attempt to dislodge the Howard from it’s rear quarter… however, severe damage made it impossible. The repeated glow of the shield discharge from energy fire began to wane less and less bright, until once again streaks of damage appeared on the hull near the left warp engine pod.

“Krimex’s Rear shields have collapsed Captain!” KuH’pas crowed.

“bakH!” Kih’Vok shouted.

Again two torpedoes flashed across the distance separating both vessels. They impacted the Bird of Prey’s hull near the lower part of the right warp engine pod. There was a huge explosion – a bright, instant flash – and peices of the warp engine and much of the rear section of the starboard wing flew in all directions. The Bird of Prey ceased all vectored movement and, continuing on it’s last direction of travel, began to slowly tumble, trailing a line of debris.

Several of the bridge crew shouted, some raised their fists and crowed happily. Kih’Vok looked at each of them in turn, smiling grimly until he turned to Sudok. His Executive Officer simply looked at him for a moment, then suddenly raised his eyebrow.

“Congratulations, Captain,” Sudok stated simply.

Kih’Vok’s smile waned. “What does a Vulcan know of honor anyway,” he growled as he glared at Sudok.

Sudok indicated the viewscreen with a nod. “Honor appears to be a dangerous concept,” he stated crisply.

Kih’Vok grunted in disgust, and turned to KuH’pas. “Status,” he said curtly.

“Sir, damage is minimal. Our shields took most of his barrage.”

“And Krimex?” Kih’Vok smiled grimly in anticipation of the report.

“The Bird of Prey has been crippled,” KuH’pas stated simply. “The torpedo impacts caused two hull breaches, serious damage to ship integrity, and the destruction of one warp engine along with sections of the hull.”

Kih’Vok turned back to Sudok. “Scan. I want to know if that Ha’DIbaH still lives,” he grated.

Sudok turned to his console and tapped several keys. He watched the screens for a moment before he turned back to Kih’Vok. “There are twenty-six life signs aboard the ship. Crew compliment appears to have been thirty-seven, so it is likely eleven of the crew perished during the engagement.”

Kih’Vok was quiet for a moment as he considered. He then turned and walked to the Helm console. “Hail that nuch quvHa’ (trans. #16).”

Jh’Naq complied. A moment later he looked up at Kih’Vok. “They answer the hail sir.”

“Good. Put it on screen.”

The screen blurred for a moment, followed by a brief second of static, and then the face of Krimex appeared. The sections of the bridge visable behind him showed damage… the screen itself was slighly obscured by smoke.

“Well, cousin,” Kih’Vok stated, standing with his arms crossed. “Again we see who is the better Warrior.”

Krimex seemed to be shaking with anger. “You treasonous bastard,” he grated, his teeth clenched. “You won’t gloat so much in a few moments.” He smiled grimly.

“Spare yourself the ignominy of an attempt at glory with the suicidal destruction of your vessel,” Kih’Vok chuckled. “Your sensors must be damaged; allow me to assist you. We are twenty-four hundred kelikams from your position.” Now Kih’Vok did laugh. “Far to distant for your pathetic attempt at retribution to have any effect.”

Krimex spat at the screen. “Then why talk? Finish me.” He leaned towards the screen. “Or have your dealings with Starfleet made you soft?”

Kih’Vok laughed… a long, low chuckle completely devoid of mirth. “No cousin. I don’t think so.” He shifted his weight as he glared with undisguised hatred at his cousin. “pujwI’ HIvlu’chugh quvbe’lu’,” he said quietly. “”There is no honor in attacking the weak.’ Isn’t that one of your favorite sayings?” He leaned towards the viewscreen himself. “I leave you, once again, like I left you before – bleeding, your face torn open. Only this time I leave you to your crew. I doubt they are satisfied with a captain as incapable as you.”

Krimex appeared to look about his bridge, a look of careful fury and daring on his face.

“A transcript of this battle will, somehow, find it’s way to Klingon channels.” Kih’Vok chuckled harshly. “If you survive the next few minutes, I suspect that news of your defeat for a second time by me will no doubt cause you some obstacles in your next assignment – most likely, I would guess, on Rura Penthe.”

Krimex glared with naked hatred at Kih’Vok, and then shouted with impotent rage. Both eyes bulging, he raised his fists as he roared.

Kih’Vok smiled grimly, and then slowly leaned even closer to the screen. “But know that, if you do survive, someday I will find you. And when I do, I will cut out your heart and feed it to Fek’lhr (trans. #17).” His smile vanished, replaced by a look of cold, unremitting hatred. “This transmission ends.”

The viewscreen immediately switched back to a view of the Bird of Prey slowly and helplessly tumbling through space. Kih’Vok watched it for a moment, a cold smile on his face, and then he turned and walked back to the captain’s chair. Standing there for a moment, he turned to Jh’Naq.

“Secure from Red Alert. New course, Sol Spacedock, warp seven.” He then turned to Sudok. “Get damage parties working on the minor damage that Krimex did to the ship. And forward a copy of the transcript of this battle to my quarters.”

Almost in unison both officers replied with “Sir.”

“I’ll be in my quarters for the next twenty minutes.” He began to walk towards the turbolift, a slow triumphant smile playing across his scarred face.

Klingon Translation Footnote

Some of the Klingon phrases and sentences may or may not have incorrect grammar. I apologize if the grammar in some cases is off. Klingon is a tricky language.
All translations of words and phrases is listed below.

Trans # 1 : “Tactical Display”
Trans # 2 : “Affirmative”
Trans # 3 : “Now!”
Trans # 4 : “Ferengi Dog” (deadly insult)
Trans # 5 : (general insult, untranslatable)
Trans # 6 : (general insult, similar to ‘bastard’ or ‘jackass’)
Trans # 7 : (Warrior’s Knife – a ceremonial blade all Warriors carry)
Trans # 8 : “Coward”
Trans # 9 : “Traitor” (-to the Empire)
Trans # 10: (Second Rite of Ascension – when a Klingon becomes a true Warrior)
Trans # 11: “Listen to the voice of your blood! We are Klingons! Klingons are born to fight and conquer! The Khitomer Accords imprisoned the Empire, and we now fight for our honor! The Federation is your enemy; your treason has dishonored you and your family!”
Trans # 12: “Destroying an empire to win a war is no victory.”
Trans # 13: “Better to die on our feet than live on our knees!”
Trans # 14: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”
Trans # 16: “Dishonorable coward”
Trans # 17: (Similar to the Terran Devil – guards the Klingon equivalent of the Gates of Hell)